Stig 4 Bottle Green Women - 0
Stig 4 Bottle Green Women - 1
Stig 4 Bottle Green Women - 2
Stig 4 Bottle Green Women
3600 SEK

Stig 4 has a very unique and minimal Scandinavian design with ingenious Velcro closure and wedge sole. Apart from being cool and different, they are also super comfortable with an extra cushioned insole. The rubber wedge soles make these the perfect all year around shoes and they work equally well to a nice suit as to a casual outfit.


All of our materials, from leather to shoe box, are sourced and produced in Portugal. The leather we use is oak tanned and fully ecological and the raw hides are of Iberian origin. The leathers are chrome and heavy metal free. The pre-treatment, tanning, and finishing of the leather all contribute to reduction of water consumption, chemical charges and the toxicity of the effluents. It results in beautiful leather with a lot of personality.


  • They come in black, bottle green and pink for women.
  • Runs true to size.