Stig Percy is a new footwear label from Gothenburg, Sweden. 

The idea of a shoe brand grew out of a combination of passion for shoes together with hearing my male friends complaining that there weren’t enough cool well designed shoes on the market to fill their needs and that they could afford. Hence Stig Percy was born, named after Stig Percy Andersson who was a well-dressed photographer and also my grandfather. This shoe brand is a tribute to this inspirational man. He was well dressed and lived an interesting life, with a taste for adventure – he travelled around Europe on his motorbike after the WW2 and took photographs and partied with famous Scandinavian artists in their studios. Stig valued quality and duration; to him it was important to take care of everything he owned.

My aim was to create casual leather shoes with minimalistic, cool and contemporary Scandinavian design. Designed to look cool but endure the rainy weather we experience up north and contribute to a better environment. I believe that sustainability is the way forward and I have put a lot of thought around how Stig Percy can be at the forefront of sustainable shoes and shoemaking.

We constantly want to improve the way we do things, and we strive to do so to our best abilities and we constantly work to develop our shoes!

All of our materials, from leather to shoe box, are sourced and produced in Portugal. The leather we use is oak tanned and fully ecological and the raw hides are of Iberian origin. The leathers are chrome and heavy metal free. The pre-treatment, tanning and finishing of the leather all contributes to reduction of water consumption, chemical charges and the toxicity of the effluents. It results in a beautiful leather with a lot of personality.


Phone: +46(0)733-553398 or +44(0)7584-120450